This Family Competes In Line Dancing With A Horse As Their Star! She’s Incredible!

We’ve shown you many videos of horses doing what they know to do best; being loyal and reliable friends and companions to humans who rely on them for their strength. But if you’re a horse lover yourself, you know that horses are capable of much more than that. In the following video, we will see a special horse named Chrissy who has a role that you wouldn’t always expect: she’s a competitive line dancer! She along with her beloved family compete at many different line dancing shows and events, and she’s been a hit in every single one of them!

This very rhythmic and foot-driven style of dancing is perfect for a horse, and Chrissy has proven to be a natural in it. Some of the other contestants even complained that she had an unfair advantage given that she was a horse, but the judges and the crowd don’t seem to agree at all. It’s always very sweet to see families coming together along with their animal friends for a common purpose, but more importantly, for the fun of performing and dancing together. I’m a new fan of Chrissy’s and I’m sure that you’ll be one as well!

Watch this interesting and fun video right below!

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