This Famous Bridge Is Giving People Anxiety Attacks. See What Happens… Crazy!

I was a big chicken at the amusement park when I was younger and it took me until my teenage years before I  finally developed the courage to ride on roller coasters. Even at the age of 16, I was terrified by the rides that went upside-down.  Maybe it was the shear height or the defiance of gravity but at last I finally gave in and tried it and I have never looked back since. If you’ve ever been on a roller coaster, I’m sure you know that amazing sinking feeling you get when hitting a huge drop. At least with roller coasters, they are specifically designed to keep you safely strapped in during all of those frightening sections. Quite a different feeling would be driving in your car and coming up to a bridge that is notoriously knows as “the roller coaster bridge!”

Enter Japan’s Eshima Ohashi Bridge, aka “the rollercoaster bridge…”
The Eshima Ohashi Bridge is nothing like any road you’ve ever experienced. It spans a mile and goes across Lake Nakaumi, connecting  the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato. The bridge rises very steeply so that freight carriers can pass underneath. While it’s not a problem for the ships, it’s causing some serious reactions in the drivers.  Not only does the bridge rise and fall  but drivers also have to navigate their way through several twists and turns before they can reach the other side of the bridge.

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