Famous Internet Sensation Maru The Cat Snuggles Into Tiny Glass Bowl.. Hilarious!

Maru, the world famous cat wanted to be adorable. Again. You’ll never guess what he got up to today. Well, I guess he decided that a normal bed or the rug wasn’t enough for him to be his adorable self. He decided that a tiny glass mixing bowl would make the perfect cozy resting spot, and that is exactly what he attempted to fit into!

In this video, Maru stuffs himself into a glass bowl. I thought it wasn’t possible until I saw the video for myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It is hilarious the way his furry paws and cute body all fits into the bowl like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. His effortless entertaining antics really keep me laughing my head off!

Have you seen anything so adorable? Whatever will he decide to do next? Love this cat! Write in to tell us what you think he could try next or if your pets have tried anything adorable like this in the comments section below. We love hearing from you guys! And don’t forget to SHARE the video to show Maru some love and increase his following on his YouTube channel Mugumogu.

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