Famous Internet Sensation Maru Gets Stuck In Sleeve. Gets Mistaken For Cushion. Hilarious!!!

Maru the cat has become quite the internet sensation and a series of popular cat videos has made him the reigning king of the online cat world. His owners have captured a whole bunch of hilarious things that this cat does and this video added to the collection of viral videos that Maru has become famous for.

Watch him try to do something that I would have thought was quite impossible. He saw a sleeve just lying on the floor and probably thought it would either be funny to try to fit into it or took it as a challenge. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll see in the video that he’s absolutely snug as a bug in the sleeve and only his face can be seen on one end. The sight is just TOO funny!

He looks really comfy, apart from looking like an adorable cushion. What makes this video even funnier is when he actually gets mistaken for a cushion later! Watch as how the other house cat Hana sits on him with her butt right over his head! I’m sure that’s something he does not appreciate but he’s rather in a stuck position so he can’t really complain apart from giving a very cat ‘Yeah-right’ kinda look.

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