Farm Girl Checks If Santa Gave Her Animals Christmas Gifts, But She Wasn’t Expecting To Find THIS.

Ah, Christmas Day. It’s young kids waking up early and running to the Christmas tree while dragging sleepy-eyed parents behind them to look for presents that Santa left for them. Not Annie. Annie lives on a farm and she runs out of the house towards the barn to see if their animals got anything. When she gets to the barn, she found something there for her instead. It was a basket full of horse grooming equipment.

She finds that her gift is Pepper, a horse that she had wanted. Yup. The parents really fulfilled the ages old request of children: “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth…” No, wait, that’s not right… Ah, here it is… “A pony!” Of course, the conditions were right for her, since she lives on a farm, where there’s plenty of room for a horse as opposed to living in, say, a two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

This is a gift with an awesome amount of responsibility. Of course, her parents will help out, but she’s probably already used to taking care of animals, given that I counted no fewer than four cats prowling around her as she made her way to the barn. A horse requires a little more than just walking it a couple of times a day or cleaning a litter box. They need to be routinely brushed and need a LOT of food. Something tells me she will be more than up to the challenge.

Christmas is a time when people make a lot of rash decisions about pets. Once the New Year rolls around and they realize how much work is needed, a lot of animals are either sent back to a pet store or to a shelter. This is very traumatic to the animal, who probably thought it had found a forever home. Something tells me that scenario will not be occurring with Pepper. That barn will be his home for life.

This video left me wanting a horse, too. How about you? Leave a comment below!

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