This Farmer Came Up With An Incredible Solution When He Found Out Koalas Are Dying Of Thirst

There are countless issues and problems that we face as climate change becomes more and more real. We will have to deal with rising sea levels and unpredictable weather.

We will have to find better ways to manage crops. We will need to seek out new sources of energy that are renewable and better for the environment.

One factor that many people might not think about is the affect that climate change will have and is having on wildlife throughout the world.

In the outback of Australia, koala bears are already struggling with the consequences from climate change. Many of the plants and sources of water that they use are becoming more and more scarce, leading many koalas to suffer from dehydration and thirst that could be potentially deadly.

Luckily, an Australian farmer has come up with a clever solution to provide water for these thirsty critters. It involves making what almost looks like water fountains that only koalas are able to drink from.

He was initially concerned that the koalas would have difficulty figuring the fountains out. Thankfully, these intelligent creatures picked up on it right away.

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