Farmer Finds Abandoned White-Faced Fawn. What He Does Next Amazed Me.

As we’ve seen in other videos, nature is very cruel. This is because of its cutthroat way of life, and a mother will abandon her young if she thinks it will keep her from being able to escape predators. She may have other healthy babies that she has to keep an eye on. There’s no day care in the forest. Her reasoning is that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of one. This video talks about how this happened to a fawn who had no pigment on his face and some health problems.

Fortunately, the fawn was found by a farmer, who took him in. He dubbed him Dragon, and started him on a four-times-a-day feeding cycle. The video is from a morning new segment, where the farmer, named Kelly, was talking about how he found the little guy. He plans to use him as a tourist attraction on his 100-acre farm, where people can go on tours and pet him. Some might want him to go back to the wild, but this looks like an extraordinary circumstance exemption. His white face might make him be shunned by other deer in the wild.

There’s no denying that Dragon is a cutie. The cameraman on that news program couldn’t get enough of him, cutting to him every three seconds, it seemed. Then again, if I were working there in that capacity, the camera would be pointing at the floor. That would be because I’d be sitting with everyone else, petting Dragon. Viewers would hear the producer yelling, “Camera One! Two? Camera Three? Is ANYBODY there? You’re ALL petting that fawn? Really? Can we be professional here, even though I see that the Chyron guy misspelled three things for this segment? OK. I’m coming over myself to pet that fawn.”

I’m glad that the farmer found Dragon. He deserved a second chance at life. Hopefully, he will adjust well to life on the farm. He was still quite young in the TV segment, but he should be fine as he gets older and bigger. He’s got a good support network behind him. Kelly might have also had a windfall land in his lap if he gets a lot of visitors. Everyone benefits. That’s one lucky fawn.

I wish this video was 30 minutes long. He’s that cute. What did you think? Leave a comment for us below!

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