A farmer finds an ancient artifact in his yard. Then, he realizes what it really is!

Many people have discovered all sorts of religious artifacts buried under a thin layer of dirt. Some of them have been so unique that they have even been taken to a museum. What would you say if I told you there was something that looked like a religious artifact but that it is actually a living being? I swear this is not a joke or clickbait.

Spiders are usually considered to be scary animals. Many of us are afraid of them and when we see them, the only thing we can think of is to get as far away as possible. What most people do not know is that they actually are far less harmful than what they think. Spiders play a crucial role in the food chain and balance the ecosystem in more ways than one.

What makes most people reject the idea of having spiders near them is that they tend to have a very icky appearance. However, those who can overlook their outward appearances are able to enjoy the true level of beauty they have. I had a tarantula a long time ago when I was a kid. Her name was Lucrecia. She was black with a few hits of orange and my mother hated her.

It was big and fed off insects that were already in my backyard. We used to have some trees there: an apple tree, a fig tree, a pear tree and a small vineyard. When the fruits started to show, many insects started to appear out of nowhere. All the trees had insects on the leaves at one time or another, but especially the fig tree. That’s the one that had more, probably because the fruit was so sweet.

I had a mantis that would help me control the grasshopper population we had, but when the apple tree started to get taller, there were simply too many of them. That’s when Lucrecia the tarantula came in. She had a very big appetite and the mantis (Freddy), would stay as far away from her as he possibly could. Freddy the Mantis would take care of insects in the taller leaves while Lucrecia would take care of the ones who were lower.

I felt I had the perfect 1-2-punch, and I did actually. Spiders to me are one of the most beautiful creatures that exist. But for a farmer who was looking to see what he could find, it was another religious artifact. I am telling you, this spider is unlike anything you have ever seen. It doesn’t even look alive!