Farmer Opens The Gates To His Cattle Pen. My Jaw Dropped At What Came Out Of It.

For a while we loved shrinking things. Mostly flip cell phones, though the current smart phones are expanding to make room for people who like to watch video. Soon people will be carrying portable movie theaters. Anyways, there are still people out there who like to shrink things. Animals, for instance. There’s a miniature version of nearly every dog breed. Though I don’t think anyone would want a miniature Chihuahua, since it would be microscopic. But now there’s another species getting the shrinking treatment

We see Rick Bogle, who runs his farm of the same name, talk about his breeding miniature cows. Yes, miniature cows. Small cows. Some of them are as big as a Labrador. I would love to see people’s faces if I walked around with a miniature cow by my side. Though they would probably just shake their heads and say, “Only in New York.” Still, it would be an awesome thing to have.

Not only is Bogle breeding miniature cows, he’s also breeding miniature Texas longhorns. To quote Dana Carvey and Mike Myers in “Wayne’s World”: “NO WAY!” WAY!” That might have also been used in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, but I digress. There’s something cool and yet a bit disconcerting about seeing a Texas Longhorn that’s about the size of a smaller Great Dane. They have the same horns too.

I showed this to my wife and we’re currently plotting how to make one of them look like a cat, since that’s what our co-op allows. OK, it’s a ‘no dogs’ place, but I think that someone there would object to a cow, no matter how miniature it was. Just a nagging suspicion, that’s all. Still, my mantra the whole time of watching this video was “I want one. I want one. I want one.” I’m sure that some of you said the same thing.

Don’t lie. You probably went outside and measured your yard to see if you could accommodate one of these. Wouldn’t you want to have one? Why or why not? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section.

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