A farmer thought his hen had laid an egg. When he looks under the hen, he is stunned!

Life in the countryside is probably one of the cleanest you will ever experience. Having grown up in the country I can tell you nothing could be more opposed to what most people are used to now. When I was growing up, my father taught me the meaning of hard work. It helped shape my character and make me the person I am now.

I got up very early, at around 4 o’clock in the morning. My first task of the day was to milk the cows. We drank a lot of milk in the house, but my father would also go around town and sell it. Everybody in the neighborhood knew my dad and my family. Milking cows is one of those things that you need to get used to. It’s not all about strength but it does help if you’re strong.

After that, I needed to clean the stables and the chicken houses. To be honest with you, I didn’t like it very much. I used to complain to my father that I had to do it, but he told me it was something that I needed to learn. One day, my father gave me a lesson. I had just finished milking the cows and went to clean the stables, but my father was already there.

I didn’t know why he was there but as soon as I arrived, my father told me to sit down on a stool. I saw my father cleaning everything very well and in a good mood. Then, he asked me about my goals. “What would you like to do?” he asked. I responded that probably to have my own ranch. I would like to live off the land as he was doing. He then asked me what I felt I needed to accomplish to do it.

For some reason, this felt like a trick question. But I answered anyway. “I guess I would need to work hard.” There was a question that I needed to ask him, “how come you are so happy when you are doing things like cleaning?” His answer made me rethink my whole attitude towards work, “because I do it for you.”

The following video shows a farmer who was very happy living off the fruits of the land. He had many animals including chickens that he fed every morning. One day, he saw that one of his hens would not get up. He went to investigate and when he checked under the hen, he saw something that left him stunned!