This Farting Horse Is Cracking Everyone Up With His Hilarious Antics On The Internet

The beautiful horse performing his hilarious antics in the video is named Archy. He lives in Blossom Valley at the Rocking Horse Ranch. Archy was rescued when he was close to death from starvation. The poor guy had been tortured and abused severely as well. Archy still has a long way to recovery, but we can tell he is definitely trying and definitely has the kind of spirit necessary for him to survive. He also has a good sense of humour and knows just what to do to make his rescuers laugh. He also knows exactly how to rid himself of a bit too much hot air.

The Rocking Horse Ranch adopts animals rescued from abuse, neglect, etc. Archy is one of them. He suffers from an intestinal issue and he cannot pass gas normally like other horses. Horses tend to make a lot of gas due to their diet of grasses, grains, and hay. His unique way of passing gas is the precise reason for this video! The uploader of the video says that Archy has a unique playful personality and he keeps them laughing and on their toes. He also likes to take his own reins and walk himself. What a horse!

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