Fatal Attraction Of The Light Kind! This Cat Is Obsessed With What Again?

Oh I love the lamp and the lamp loves me. A tale of star crossed lovers – a lamp and a kitty. When the feline noticed the salt lamp sitting on the table, she knew she must have it. She jumped onto the table and held the salt lamp between her cute kitty paws and blissfully closed her eyes.

You’re probably thinking this is just a joke – that’s why I suggest watching the video for yourself. I love the way the cat clings onto the lamp, as if enjoying the radiating heat from the warmth of the salt lamp. I don’t know how much warmer the lamp could possibly be, but the warm glow does make me feel nice.

OMG, you have to check out the video simply because the cat looks like she’s going to doze off in blissful kitty heaven with the lamp between her paws. That may not be the most comfortable position for the little feline, but orders have been given to the house pet pooch to leave the kitty undisturbed. It’s clear to see the owner thinks this moment is just TOO CUTE! And we agree with her.

What did you think of this video? Has your pet done something this adorable or napped in unusual areas? I know they probably have! Share your stories with us to make our day! Send in your comments in the section below.

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