This Man Discovered The Pause Button For His Father’s Alzheimer’s With Song

It starts with you forgetting random details about your past. After that, you begin to lose the ability to think throughout the day, and you lose all of the skills and abilities that you’ve learned throughout your life. Finally, you begin to lose everything that makes you who you are and forget the people that you love the most in this world.

This is the scary and dark slope that many people and families of people with Alzheimer’s fall into, and this father and son have found a way to put the brakes on and slow down this fall. This is an incredible moment that they share together.


On a normal day, this man would seem like any other patient with dementia, but the moment this man’s son plays a familiar song, all of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s go away, and they sing together just like years before.

Watch this incredible moment showing the power of how music can bring us together even throughout our greatest trials. How wonderful that this man has been able to have these precious moments with his father.

This Man Discovered The Pause Button For His Father\'s Alzheimer\'s With Song