Father and daughter do a salsa dance together that will get you moving

When Mom walks into the kitchen and sees little Emma on the counter, she doesn’t get mad. That’s because Dad has a close eye on her while the duo shows off their Salsa moves.

Paola Teran is a mother of two living in Georgia. When she walks into the kitchen to see her daughter Emma on the countertop, she gets worried.

But knowing that Dad is right in front of Emma to ensure that she doesn’t fall, Paola is relieved. What she didn’t count on was a salsa dance-off between a father and her daughter.

With the music pumping and the duo moving like naturals, Paola records the whole thing. To this day, the video is still making its rounds on social media.

If you think this little girl has got the moves, you probably won’t be surprised that she’ll appear on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ once she’s grown up. But for now, she takes the crown as the salsa champion after pulling off the victory against Dad.

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