Father breaks America’s heart with original song, a tune dedicated to his lost son

There have been a few heart-breaking America’s Got Talent auditions since the show’s conception, and this one from a 25-year-old Tampa man is no exception. Johnny Shelton is one of thousands of hopefuls who come on the show with dreams of winning big or going on to become a superstar in their chosen field. Many contestants have an emotional backstory that only adds further weight to their desires and dreams to rise above past troubles and do something truly wonderful. Johnny was about to give the performance of his life – all for the son he lost to cancer.

Johnny lost his infant son on his 5th birthday to the horrible disease and he’s had a tough ride of it since. He’s channelled his pain and emotion into writing an original number to perform it on AGT, and as the audience is hushed and willing him to do well, Johnny lets it all out because he knows what it means.

“The one thing I always wanted to put in my son’s mind was that no matter what happens in the world know love and joy because the world doesn’t need any more hate in it.”

Johnny’s song is called “That’s Love” and you can definitely hear it in his brilliant lyrics and heartfelt vocals. It must be one of the most painful experiences to go through when you lose a son or a daughter. It shouldn’t happen to anyone, but that is part of life and all we can do is keep going, providing the love and support to those people who really need it during such times of sadness.

You can hear a pin drop in the auditorium as every member of the audience is intently listening to Johnny’s well-crafted song, and it’s clear he’s got the talent to go places with his music. But this moment was more about honoring his son’s memory, and you can bet he would have been proud of his dad for this wonderful performance and heartfelt gesture.

The judges are speechless at the end of Johnny’s audition and the watching crowd rise to their feet to give him a standing ovation. Johnny managed to get through the song without crying but he is overcome with emotion at the end – and we think that anyone watching would be too. Don’t miss this amazing young man and his story in the clip below – and share with your loved ones. Life is a precious thing indeed!