The father-daughter dance is sweet and traditional. Wait until you see what this dad did!

Weddings are one of the greatest celebrations of love and commitment. For the father of the bride, it signifies giving her daughter away, his little girl, to the groom. Age doesn’t matter here, she will always be his little girl. One of the many traditions for fathers and daughters in weddings is the father-daughter dance.

It’s a great tradition and a moment many of the guests are waiting for, this doesn’t mean it’s any easier for the father. Fathers often play it tough, but the thing is that giving their daughter to the groom, is one of the most difficult things for them.

It’s a moment when they remember when their daughter was a little baby. They remember all those times where they would carry her in their arms and play with her. They will also remember when they took their daughter out for some candy and spoiled her silly without the mother knowing. For Lisa Getz and her husband Paul, it would prove to be a very special wedding alright. They planned their wedding with time and had the last-minute goosebumps like everyone else. They made the guest list with only the most important people in their lives. Everything was ready when the day finally came.

Finally, the moment that everyone had been waiting for, the father-daughter dance. Lisa and her dad are huge fans of Tim McGraw. When Lisa’s father needed to choose the song for them to dance in front of all the guests, he knew exactly which one he was going to pick. So, the moment arrives, and Lisa’s dad pulls her up to the dance floor for the traditional dance. Tim McGraw’s classic “My Little Girl” starts filling the room. He could not have picked up a better song for this occasion. Lisa felt at ease because she has always been daddy’s little girl.

She has no idea, but her father has prepared a very important surprise for her this day. He has come up with the most incredible surprise. They start dancing with Lisa’s back to the stage. She is loving the song and is very close to tears. Everyone is very moved by the moment because they know of the close relationship they have always had.

A few seconds into the song, Lisa’s dad finally tells Lisa to turn around to the stage. It takes her a little while to realize what it is going on. She had listened to everyone suddenly cheer when the song started, but she had thought it had been because of the beautiful moment they were both experiencing.

She turns around and sees Tim McGraw performing the song live. It takes her a few seconds to realize what is going on, and she wasn’t the only one, even the guests have a tough time following what just happened. When they do, they have another reason to be glad for attending the wedding. And a very cool story to tell their friends. As for Lisa and her dad, this was a performance that would make that special day even grander than it already was.