Father decides to prank baby daughter by shaving. Her reaction was stunning.

Playing pranks is always dicey. You have to know your target REALLY well, because if they wind up not liking it or being traumatized, then the joke should never have happened. I’m more OK with playing pranks on teenagers and anyone older. They have the capacity to understand what happened. When it comes to babies, though, then even more caution needs to be exercised. This video is an example.

We see JC at the beginning of the video playing peekaboo with his baby daughter, Anistyn Claire. He has a pretty full beard. They are having a blast. Then he decides to prank her by shaving off the beard. There’s another peekaboo session the next day and Daddy has a towel covering his face. After a few seconds, he pulls off the towel to reveal… Clean-Shaven JC! How will his precious baby daughter respond to this?

At first Anistyn Claire is in shock. Then she gets a bit shy, almost like she thinks that she’s with a stranger. She keeps putting her head on his chest, like she doesn’t want to look at him. Her mommy explains that it’s her daddy. That sets off the flood works. She is NOT happy that JC shaved off his beard and lets him know… loudly. It looks like this prank went awry. Then again, pranking a baby is not the best idea.

I’m in the same boat as JC with my son. Even though he’s older now, he’s still used to me either having a beard or a Van Dyke. If I even joke that I’m going to shave it all off, he freaks out. I think right now my target date will be when he’s a freshman in college. OK, maybe a bit earlier than that. Ninth grade? Here’s hoping that Anistyn Claire got used to his beard really fast, otherwise it would be a LONG wait for him to grow his beard back.

What did you think of the video? Did they go too far with the prank? I felt bad because Anistyn Claire’s tearful reaction. She’s a baby though, she’ll get over it. Have you done anything like this? What happened?