Father Laying On Bed With Baby Daughter Near Him. I Clapped When He Snapped His Fingers.

Fathers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting credit for things. There seems to have been a cultural shift from TV shows and movies showing them as being strong, capable men who go out to work and bring home the money. Now it seems like they are being shown as clueless nincompoops who wouldn’t be able to find their hands if they weren’t attached to the end of their arms. This video shows fathers in a much better light as they bond with their kids.

As a dad myself, I enjoyed watching these. The vast majority of them are from America’s Funniest Videos. Of course, these shows are a great source for videos like this. I think I could watch this channel for years and still find something new to laugh at. They show parent/child bonding at its best. They can be silly, goofy, funny, or even a bit poignant. They also remind of the fast passage of time.

There are some funny ones, including a dad dancing with his daughter in the bathroom – though I think having her stand ON a sink was not the wisest thing – to a doctor coming home to his infant son, who walks up to him with his arms wide open for a hug and then turns and walks into the kitchen at the last minute to a dad and his son taking turns for belly rubs. They all made me laugh and enjoy them.

I think the coolest dad in the video was the one who used the vacuum cleaner attachment to get his daughter’s hair together into a ponytail. That and the one who just had to snap his fingers to get his baby daughter to rest her head on his cheek. Those were the ones that stole my heart. I have a son, but it’s cool to see father/daughter bonding time in action. Every dad in this video deserves kudos.

How about you? Which one was your favorite? Did you have a hard time deciding? I know that I did. That’s why I picked a co-favorite. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Tell us which ones really made you laugh or tugged at your heartstrings in the comments section below!


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