His Father Murdered His Mom & Tried To Kill Him Too. But How This Kid Was Saved Gave Me Chills!

In 2006, when Anthony Sukto was only eight years old, his father murdered his mom and tried to brutally end his son’s life too. He stabbed him in the face and neck and left him for dead. But the little guy survived this terrible ordeal with his quick thinking. He played dead and immediately called 911 when his father left the house. But tensions arose when the police couldn’t find his house and his father came back again.

What follows after that is a pure miracle. We are really glad that the officers arrived right on time and the little kid got a second chance at life. Oprah declares Anthony to be one of the bravest boys she has ever met. Anthony is now 18 years old and a senior in high school. And he recently skyped with Oprah and the conversation is beautiful and heartrending!

You will see Anthony’s conversation with Opera in this video from 2006 when Anthony is still very young. He has recovered from his ordeal and seems very happy to see Oprah. The police officers who were dispatched to his house are also on the show and everyone is in tears when they come out. What heroes they are.

The second half of this clip is Opera talking to Anthony as an adult on Skype. This conversation is no less emotional than the one she had with him on her show in 2006. His father was convicted of murder and sentenced to more than 25 years in prison.

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