Father Replays Daughter’s Birth Video, Then Notices Stunning Thing He Missed

There is a lot to be said about the special bond a mother shares with her baby. This is a unique bond because she nurtures and feeds the baby while he or she is growing. Whenever we talk about a father’s bond with a child it is usually once the child has grown older.

Babies usually center their attention around their mother. But a baby recognizes his or her father’s voice from the time he or she is growing in the womb. Many pediatricians recommend the father speak to the baby all the time. This is something that has been changing lately. Fathers before did not consider this a necessary practice. For them, the nurturing and talking should be done by the mother. After all, the mother is with the baby all the time. The parents who have done this will testify to how real this bond is.

Michael Junior is a comedian. One day he was going through a bunch of videos when he found his daughter’s birth video. He wanted to relive that special moment, so he played the video once again. Once the video started, he noticed something that shocked him. It was something he had never seen before. He didn’t remember it happening while he was there. Probably because he was so overjoyed by his daughter his attention to detail was not as good.

Michael has always loved his daughter from the very beginning he found out she was on her way. He would talk to her and tell her how much he loved her. He would also tell her how much they wanted her to be born. This warm expression of love left a mark on his daughter. His daughter would move every time he talked as his voice was becoming more and more familiar.

When checking the video, he saw that his daughter was being prepared to be cleaned. She was laying on a table. His daughter starts to cry uncontrollably. The minute this happens he instinctively starts talking to her to make her calm down. Something magically happens, his daughter stops crying the very moment she hears his voice. When Michael sees this, he can’t believe his eyes. He also can’t believe how he missed this very important moment.

A couple of minutes later his daughter starts crying again. Michael starts talking to her again. And sure enough, his daughter stops crying again. Then he tells his daughter he loves her. The way she reacts really catches him off-guard. When she hears her father’s voice, she opens her eyes and you can almost see her starting to smile. When Michael sees this he says, “that’s phenomenal!” He says that this gives us a message. Sometimes we may be in distress and everything can seem out of control. But if we learn to listen to the voice of the Heavenly Father, we will be able to hear how much He loves us!