Father, Son, and Daughter Sing Together in Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas Video

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli, Virginia Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is an international singing superstar who is beloved by fans worldwide. He has begun to pass on his gift to the next generation as his son Matteo and daughter Virginia start singing careers for themselves.

The three beautiful voices blend together on the song ‘The Greatest Gift.’ Throughout the song, stunning images of nature, a forest, and a castle serve as the backdrop to this tender ballad.

The family gathers around the piano to sing the first verse as Andrea plays along, singing at the end of the chorus. For verse 2, Matteo walks through a foggy forest, and as the song reaches the 2nd chorus, he is joined by angels who arise from the ground.

Virginia sings a lovely ‘La, La, La’ refrain from the castle window while Andrea’s voice soars over the top, singing ‘Give a little love.’ As the children watch in amazement, the angels continue to dance in the forest.

Virginia sneaks down from the castle’s upper floor to view the brilliantly-lit angels on the forest floor with her brother. Andrea continues singing with his powerful voice from the castle window.

The song ‘The Greatest Gift’ is featured on the Christmas album titled, ‘A Family Christmas. All three singers contribute to the beauty of the music. It is a wonderful compilation of father, son, and daughter.

Andrea Bocelli has recorded over 17 albums, becoming a worldwide success story. He often mixes pop and classical styles, which led him to sell over 75 million records. Andrea is one of the few classical crossover artists who brought the genre to the masses. Now, he shares his family’s talent with the world on this spectacular Christmas album.

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Father, Son, and Daughter Sing Together in Andrea Bocelli\'s Christmas Video