To Cat Dads Everywhere, This Video Is For You

Ah cats. It’s hard to escape their amazing qualities and adorable moments of hilarity. They can really vary on the scales from precious to “but why?” This may be one of the reasons we love them so much. Because not only are the unpredictable, they are adorable while doing it. Cat’s brains may constantly be in alpha, but that doesn’t stop us from loving them, nor does it stop them from loving us. Or at the least, respecting that we are the ones who feed them. We are the ones who take care of them and love them. Who stay up with them when they aren’t feeling well. Who cuddle with them and who let us cuddle with them when one of us are feeling down.

The dads who go to the lengths aforementioned- my hats off to you. To the mama’s as well. You all really work hard to make sure that they get all the love they need. Not only all the love they need, but you make sure they have all the things necessary for a healthy and well balanced life. That’s no easy feat to accomplish. Yet many of you carry on after accomplishing this as if it’s no big thing. It’s the love you have for your furry friends that’s commendable. Able to look past what society says and understand that every living creature is different. All deserving love and affection the highest degree. Thanks to most parents, cats and all other animals have a real chance at happiness.

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