His Favorite Toy Got Damaged. Now Pay Attention To His Face When He Spots Its Replacement!

The video below features an adorable lion called Cameron and this precious creature is in love with donuts! It is his favorite toy and he just can’t help but play with it. But because of his size and his giant teeth, his donuts don’t seem to last that long. He chewed a huge hole in his previous donut and it looked like it was in a derelict state. But that’s when his keepers come to the rescue.

They brought him a brand new yellow donut to play with. In this video, we get to see this excited lion try out his newest toy. It is the most adorable thing ever! Cameron shares his enclosure with a white tiger called Zabu. Both of them were born in 2000 and were raised together at some rundown zoo. After their rescue, these best friends have always been together.

When the staff member put the donut in the enclosure, and then left, of course, they waited for the Cameron to find it. Zabu found it first, but seemed to have no interest. He’s more a ball kind of guy. When Cameron finds his new toy, he wastes no time in celebrating!

He bites it, runs with it, pushes it across the ground, and even rolls around in bliss with his paws through the donut hole. It is hilarious to watch how in love he is with his new toy. I wonder what he would do if Zabu did try to play with it? I suspect he might not want to share…

Watch this amazing video below! Did Cameron bring a smile to your face? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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