Fawn Comes Up To Boy In Driveway. I Don’t Thinks She Expected THIS Reaction From Him.

I’ve never had any interactions with deer during my life. Then again, they don’t tend to show up in the middle of Manhattan or Boston. Right now, I’m in a more suburban area, but there’s still a lot of cars and other noises that keep them away. The closest thing I had to nature recently was an eagle flying by me at about a distance of 10 feet. Yeah, that woke me up. Nothing like this interaction that we see here.

Now, this video doesn’t quite go the way that we all might have thought it would. The boy doesn’t immediately embrace the fawn and want to play with one of nature’s majestic creatures. Noooo… he wants the water spout and he wants that thing now. Who cares about the fuzzy animal that wants to play with him and nibble his ear? Forget that. WATER TIME! This, of course, must have slightly confused the fawn.

Actually, this outcome was probably for the best. The kid didn’t put too much of his human scent on the fawn, who, if really wild and is not an adopted pet as an orphan, might get rejected from her mother. Then she might become an adopted pet of that household… because the boy’s mother shouldn’t have even let him near the fawn if that were the case. I guess she just wanted a cute video.

This was also possibly risky because you never know how an animal will behave. The fawn might be small, but she has four thick hooves on her feet that could do some damage to the little boy if she got startled or felt threatened. The fawn seemed familiar with the boy, so who knows what the true scenario was. If I saw a fawn acting friendly toward me, I know I would move slowly and not be preoccupied with a water spout. Then again, I’m not a toddler, though my wife might disagree sometimes…

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