Fearless Woman Calms Rampaging Elephant

If you like elephants, you will like this video. Elephants are misunderstood creatures. They can sometimes frighten people because they are large and have large trunks. In the video, you will see an elephant extending its trunk, trying to get through the window. The bus nearly tips over. The elephant is not trying to scare people; it is just curious. A man drives by in a truck and gives the elephant what appears to be a small stick.


The street has double trouble, as two elephants keep trying to get into cars or buses. In the next scene, it is raining, and a woman starts to approach the elephant. She appears calm and composed. She has no fear. She wants to give the elephant something. However, she must move aside first, as a bus and car pass by.


Both vehicles drive away, leaving the woman with the elephant. The woman appears stoic, ready to greet the elephant. The elephant seems open to her, not attacking her, as the woman gently approaches the elephant. The brave woman offers the elephant some food, and it takes it and devours it. The elephant and the woman are sizing each other up.

The rain makes the scene look almost majestic. The woman seems calm and looks up to see what the elephant will do next. The elephant peers up at her as if to thank her for the snack and her kindness. The woman walks away as she is satisfied and proud of herself. It shows that you will have a more favorable encounter if you are not afraid to approach an animal with kindness.

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Fearless Woman Calms Rampaging Elephant