Fearlessly Playing With Two Huge Dalmatians! This Kitten Is Absolutely Adorable! WATCH!

This adorable 5-week-old foster kitten, Uno, is just hanging out with his new Dalmatian pals, Louie and Lady. The video starts off with Uno just spreading out and not even having a care in the world. As the video continues, Uno seems as happy as a clam just brimming with confidence and at the same time getting so much attention from the pups. And of course there’s nothing like a kitty kiss to end the day with.

It’s hard to watch a video like this and not be biased. Cats definitely have some control over dogs don’t they? Well maybe just the cute ones?

Do you have any videos of your cat having a grand old time with dogs? If so we’d love for you to share them in the comments.

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