Feline Hit And Run Leads To Owner Taking Drastic Steps. You Will Not Believe What Happens Next!

There are many cat lovers in this world and for each of them, the loss of a cat is felt as deeply as a loss of a beloved family member. When Peter bought his Californian home in 1988, he also got two cats in the bargain. They slowly won his heart over only for it to be broken when one of the cats got killed in a car accident.

When the other cat also passed over in the same way, he decided to make changes to his house to entertain his cats. He got creative and got down to business in redecorating his house to make it suitable for indoor cats as he did not want to risk losing any more cats to the world outside. After doing considerable research, he spent thousands of dollars in creating an indoor playground for his feral felines.

After learning about the use of catwalks, he started revamping his home and accommodating tunnels, portholes, elaborate catwalks and much more as he welcomed more of the furry creatures into his home. He started adopting rescued cats from shelters from all around his area and at the moment they number at 22.

Passionate about his feline family members, he spent 20 years building his cat friendly home, where he and his housemates learnt a thing or two on what their cats love and dislike.

This move also led him to start a mission in raising awareness and money for a worthy cause, which was in trying to find a cure for Feline Infectious Peritonitis. This is an incurable and fatal disease occurring in wild and domestic cats worldwide that claimed Peanut, one of his adopted fur babies.

Peter Cohen contacted the researchers at Uni. Of Cal, Davis, where a cure for cats suffering from FIP was formulated. Tried on Smokey, a feline with FIP, it worked and the cat has made really good progress which has give Peter hope. Started as a safe haven, his mission has become a worldwide search for an FIP cure.

Sad events lead to a move which has given hope to many rescued cats. What did you think of this video? Did it move you? I was so touched by this story! We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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