She Fell Into A Frozen Lake With Her Blind Horse, Now Watch What This Dog Does…

The beautiful animals belong to Lisa and Calvin, two horse caretakers who take care of these animals on their farm in Ohio. The farm is a happy place for all kinds of domestic animals including dogs and cats, and lots of birds.  Biyou, a wolf-dog mix, holds a very special place in Lisa’s heart and is a beloved member of the family. Biyou is a faithful friend to Lisa and has helped her take care of Cass, a favorite mare, since she was born.

In 2001 an event happened that made Lisa and her family realize just how special Biyou is. Lisa had to have a back operation and it changed her life because doctor’s told her she needed to stay home, stay indoors, and rest. She also had a visual impairment that had worsened over the years. She felt she was no longer independent and this left  her distraught. She couldn’t walk with Cass across the fields. This tragic event occurred as a result of their time apart.

Cass became lost when she wandered off, too far away from home, and she came to a frozen lake that she couldn’t cross. When Lisa realized Cass was missing, she was desperate to find her and went in search of her even though she was in pain from her back surgery. Lisa fell in the lake and held onto Cass to save her life, and at this point, then enters her hero, Biyou!

You can’t miss this amazing act of bravery. Watch the video below to find out how he does it.

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