She Fell Into An Icy Lake With Her Blind Horse, Now Watch What The Dog Does…

Lisa and Calvin are a couple of horse caretakers that raise these beautiful animals on their farm in Ohio. They also have a wide variety of domestic animals living in their huge farm, such as cats, dogs, and many kinds of birds. And there’s a special member of the family that has a very special place in Lisa’s heart: Biyou, the wolf-dog. She was Lisa’s most loyal companion, and he even took care of Lisa’s favorite mare, Cass, since she was a just a little foal.

What makes Biyou so special happened back in the year of 2001. Lisa’s life was changed forever after a back operation she received, when doctors instructed that she should stay indoors and resting at home. This, along with Lisa’s sight impairment that had developed over the years, left her in dismay. She couldn’t walk with Cass across the pastures, and because of their estrangement, tragedy struck.

Cass wandered off on her own and got lost, away from the farm, until she reached a frozen lake that she could not cross. Lisa became desperate when she learned of Cass’s disappearance, and despite her back pain, she went outside to look for the horse herself. She ended up falling inside the frozen lake and clinging to Cass to save her life, and that’s where her hero comes in.

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