I Fell Off Of My Chair When I Watched This Tiny Goat Jump Up On The Roof — OMG!

I simply could not believe the agility and speed of these baby goats when I first saw them. And the jumping ability displayed by some of them? I really couldn’t believe my eyes and I’m still in shock and awe.

I’m not sure where to begin with this video because there is just so much going on! There are baby goats going in all directions and jumping and bouncing here and there. Two of them even jump on top of a roof of what seems to be a doghouse. Check out all the athletic ability these guys have.

Keep an eye out for the daredevil goat jumping back and forth on the backs of some ponies Wow! If that’s not enough hold on to your seat before the baby goat climbs up and down the back of an adult longhorn.

Goats goats goats, there is one playing with a puppy, and another that lets out the cutest sounding alarms ever heard. It’s tough to keep track of all the action going on so you may have to watch it again and again.

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