Female fearsome foursome battle it out on the strings

If you think classical music is dull, think again! This female quartet known as Salut Salon will blow your mind and make you laugh all at the same time with their unbelievable string performance.

The stage is set. Two of the ladies hold their violins as a third joins them with a cello. With a smug look on her face, the cellist begins by flawlessly playing the opening notes of Vivaldi’s “Summer.”

One of the violinists matches her note for note. Sparks fly as the two compete for the title of the best string player. Meanwhile, the pianist supplies the background music.

The other violinist joins in the fierce battle. The trio of ladies armed with bows hilariously attempts to best each other while creating flawless pieces of music. Then the dark horse rears her head.

Out of nowhere, the pianist begins playing the theme from Mission Impossible. The other string players stop to gawk at her. She switches from tune to tune, all the while performing crazy acrobatics.

Sitting their competition aside, all four ladies join forces to impress and amaze their audience as they play music like you’ve never seen before. This is one performance you don’t want to miss!

If you’re still craving more Salut Salon once the video ends, don’t worry. There is a full concert full of wild antics and unbelievable music from these four incredibly talented ladies.

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