Female Great Pyrenees Lies In Shade. I Couldn’t Believe What She Was Babysitting.

There are so many stories out there about animals taking in different species as their own. Cats have helped raised puppies, squirrels and probably others. Birds have brought different type of fowl under their wings. Yes, I had to work that pun in there somehow. As unusual as those are, I think there even more strange pairings. Let’s take the stars of this video for example. I’m sure that you’ll agree.

We see a female Great Pyrenees named Betty. Hence the name of her breed, she’s quite a big dog. She’s lying down in the shade, resting. Milling around her are three baby goats, who seem to be under her purview. At the time of the video, they are a mere two days old and they are showing off their curiosity of the world around them. Betty, on the other hand, is more interested in trying to sleep when she can.

She’s a patient dog, though, especially when the goats decide to walk on top of her like she’s a large fluffy mountain. She just gives them a look and they jump off. It’s a funny sight seeing her lick these baby goats like they are her own. Their mommy may have just been recuperating – YOU try giving birth to three kids and see how you feel. I’m sure that all of them will continue to co-exist well after the mommy returns.

To those who question how unusual something like this really is, I just have to say: Yes, I know that some dogs are bred solely for the purpose of herding sheep. That’s different than just sitting there babysitting these goats. I don’t think I’ve heard of a goatdog. Well, one time if we’re including that one REALLY weird horror movie that I saw a while ago, but I’ve largely erased that from my mind…

Wasn’t this such an adorable video? I wanted to go out and play with these baby goats myself. What are your thoughts about it? We’d love to hear you express them in the comments section!

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