Female Kitten Is Ready To Take A Nap. My Jaw Dropped At What Was Her “Bed”.

I recently wrote about a cat who liked resting on the haunches of a horse. That was a strange sight as she was being led around on the horse like she was on a nature walk. This video is something even more unusual though and I admit that I had to read the description of it seral times to make sure I understood what it was. Yes, we are viewing something here featuring something feline and something porcine hanging out together.

We see Dudley, a huge potbellied big… and this is one of those times that I think that “huge” is an understatement… and a kitten named Milkshake resting together on a sofa that’s covered with a towel. The huge porker is sawing logs, while the kitty is trying to find a comfortable way to sleep, which is hard, given that Dudley is round and doesn’t have a whole lot of edges or even a flat area for her to rest.

The thing that I found really endearing was how Dudley was crossing his rear legs together and his hooves were nearly touching there. He’s zonked out for the count, that’s for sure. Even Milkshake’s occasional lightly clawing him as she gets traction doesn’t seem to stir him from his slumber. This is one tuckered pig. The kitten, on the other hand, is alert for every single noise. Chances are good that she will jump off at one point.

One of the thoughts that kept running through my mind as I watched Milkshake move around Dudley was “If he makes that pig roll over a bit more, there is going to be a very loud thud in about two minutes.” It was so sweet seeing this kitty resting and nuzzling on this giant pig. It’s too bad the video was shot indoors, otherwise I would have made a “This pig brings a Milkshake to his yard” joke.

I don’t care how big Dudley is. He’s adorable What did you think of the video? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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