After Being Waken From His Nap, This Cute Fennec Fox Isn’t Happy At ALL!

One of the features that I miss the most about being a young child is that you had a fixed time for sleep, and it was always very long. So I can perfectly understand when pets are upset after being woken up all of a sudden while being in the middle of a cozy slumber. Now, as an adult, I miss having those nap times every day, and waking up some mornings (most of them Mondays) is just a pain that no one should be made to face.

I can only help but relate with the little fox in the video below, who is woken up while she was taking a nice nap. You can see her sleeping like a baby before being woken by her parent, and even though she isn’t pleased by this gesture at all, her reaction is very different from what you would expect from a grumpy pup or a regular cat. She makes the funniest noises and cries you could imagine, as if she was complaining about sleeping just a bit more time, and she makes a face that just makes your heart melt!

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