Feral Cat Comes Up To Woman For Chin Scratches And Rubs. I Loved His Unusual Face Markings.

I’ve seen many feral cats over the course of my life. I’d say that 95% of them have instantly shied away from me the instant that they realized that a human was in their vicinity. There is a small percentage, though, that have done an about-face and even come to greet me, which is always also a bit of a surprise, given how used I am to their not wanting any human contact. It’s sweet, though. Like the feline that’s in this video.

We see a cat with what looks like eyebrows above his head. It’s a very distinct look. He’s a feral cat but he’s more than docile with the woman that’s recording this video. He lets her pet his head and even stands on his hind legs to get a better look at the camera before sitting back down. It’s a short video, only 16 seconds. I wish it were a lot longer. Like maybe 16 minutes. I know I see you agreeing with me as you read this.

You can tell that this is a very friendly cat. Perhaps he had been at a home before and that’s why he’s so used to human contact. He’s not showing any signs that he wants to go somewhere else away from the woman, either. Getting him into a car to go to a shelter was probably very easy. In a way, he may have figured that she could find him a new home. Some animals can seem almost psychic.

I don’t know what it is about this particular breed of cat, but the majority of them that I have met have been extremely friendly. There was one feral cat that would even follow me to the porch of the place that I lived… and no, I didn’t give her any food at all. The woman down the street would let her come into her home when it got really cold. I’m glad that this cat’s going to get a good forever home.

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