Feral Cat Enters Zoo Regularly. I Couldn’t Believe Where He Wound Up Staying.

This is one of those situations that I have difficulty even fathoming. Why would a feral animal, one whose survival usually depends on it removing itself from situations where someone or something could hurt them, do the seeming opposite? Especially if that something is a 500-lb killing machine that could end their existence even before they could blink? Well, this video of this feral cat shows a really cool kind of trust between the two.

The cat, who ultimately got the name Little Bear, wound up staying in a bear sanctuary, usually hanging out with an older bear named Sakoa. Never mind the fact that this bear could probably swallow him in two bites, Little Bear has absolutely no fear of the large fellow. They share a camaraderie that is very sweet to watch. The zoo crew even prepares special meals for him and visitors regularly look for the kitty.

What is it that made him decide to use that as his resting place? Never mind that its denizens could make it his final resting place if they wanted. There must be something about Little Bear that Sakoa likes or at least tolerates. Maybe the bear is impressed that this tiny furball has no qualms about going into his area. Who knows?

Interspecies friendships are fascinating. I’ve seen some pretty unusual ones, but this one takes the cake. I’ve never seen such a size difference between two animals. Well, maybe a mouse and an elephant would be more unusual, but this one is way up there. It’s pretty cool to see and it just goes to show you that we all can get along if we put some work into it. I know, easier said than done. Do you really want to make this bear mad, though?

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