Feral Kitten Found With Congenital Defect. His Behavior Will Warm Your Heart

Feral animals have a tough time of it. They are constantly fending for their survival and their territory. Add the fact that many of them live in cities and suburbs where the threat of being hit by a car is constant and I’m amazed that as many of them survive as they do. But add a deformity of any kind and it can spell a short life for them, since they need to get around quickly if they need to escape. Which is why this kitten is extremely lucky to have been found.

Someone found this little feral kitten and brought him to the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Salt Lake City. His mom and other littermates were taken there as well. A staff member found that this kitty’s front legs were much shorter than his hind legs. Because of this congenital deformity, they moved him to a foster home, where he hit it off extremely well with the other residents. His foster cat loved him.

This is one of the sweetest cats that I have seen. His body is like either his mommy or daddy was a dachshund – it’s that elongated. His cute stubby legs still let him motor around at a very good clip. There’s no indication whatsoever that he thinks he has anything wrong with him… and he doesn’t really. The only thing that I notice about him is his heart and wonderful spirit, anyway.

Mouse was adopted by an older couple, who changed his name to Smalls. Who knows why they changed it? Mouse had kind of grown on me throughout the video, but they can change his name if they like. He’s still the sweet, loveable, rambunctious cat that we watched in the video. I even loved one part where he came down a flight of stairs. He’s having a blast fighting gravity and running around.

I was smitten the very second I saw Mouse/Smalls. Weren’t you? I would adopt him in a heartbeat if he wasn’t already taken. Wouldn’t you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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