“Ferocious Leopard Meets Her Match When SHE Comes Along… I’M STILL IN SHOCK!”

This remarkable video tells the story of an animal communicator. Someone that can, not only speak to animals, but can also listen. And what I mean by that is understand what animals are saying to them.

Anna Breytenbach is one of those animal communicators. Her abilities were called upon when a leopard refused to cooperate. This, incredibly beautiful pitch black leopard (with the most beautiful eyes) was named Diabolo. Diabolo had been rescued and brought in from a European shelter and had been refusing to leave his cage for the six months he had been there. When Anna went and saw him she understood him.

After Anna left, Diabolo was renamed Spirit, and Spirit was a different leopard. He no longer was aggressive and for the first time left his cage. If that’s not an incredible story, I don’t know what is! What do you guys think? Do you think Anna was able to truly communicate? Let us know below!

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