He Fetches, Shakes Paws, Goes For Walks, AND Rides In The Car… But He’s NOT A Dog!

The video below will show you something completely unprecedented. The protagonist is a very peculiar furry friend, who likes to do everything that man’s best friend loves to do. He can do tricks, such as fetching, shaking hands, and sitting, and he can go out for walks with his human friend, either with a leash or without it. And he loves to take rides on the car with his humans too. But he’s not a dog at all; he’s a cat!

His name is Marely. He’s a tomcat with white and orange fur, and he lives with his family in Westerfield, Indiana. Marely gets called a “puppy cat” all the time, because he behaves exactly like a dog. You won’t believe it when you see it! I knew cats could be obedient and loyal, but I never expected them to be able to take it to the canine level.

His human dad even says he’s “The best dog they’ve ever had”, jokingly of course, but it goes to show that cats can sometimes outsmart dogs, even at their own game! Of course, us animal lovers know it’s not a competition, and the more furry friends we can have, the better. It’s adorable to watch extraordinary cats like this one!

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