Fierce argument between huskies has internet laughing out loud over “apology”

Soap operas have provided us with many stars over the years. This daily doses-of-daytime-drama have had many a lunch put on hold while the plot thickens right in front of your eyes. The melodrama of the aging matriarch of a family desperately trying to hold on to the fortune left to them by their great-grandparents. Or the policeman faced with the dilemma of arresting his lover’s child for shop-lifting, the everyday drama’s unfolding in that 60-minute space held sacred each and every week-day. Thank God for the weekend when you can have some respite from the drama’s that are unfolding every day.

Not all of us watch the soap’s, well, not all of us admit to watching the soap’s, but they are the highlight of many people’s days. That one time in the afternoon where you can sit and relax for an hour and catch up on all of the going’s on in your favorite-fantasy place. There has been many an argument on the television, where foe versus foe and the winner is not decided until the following Monday, meaning you have to wait all weekend to find out what will happen. My favorite part of any soap is the dramatic music used to help set the scenes. And don’t forget the long looks to the camera that somehow make the plot even more dramatic than it really is.

Have you ever seen a soap from any of the Asian countries? I have to tell you if you get chance to take a look at one of them, the acting is something to behold, as they draw out every expression known to man to make the scenes so dramatic that you think they are never going to end. But, having said that, it is exactly what the Asian audience love, and they can’t get enough of their daily-soap-samples. Days of our Lives has nothing on some of these fantastic programs. Even if you can’t understand the language being spoken, you will certainly understand what’s going on, just by the expressions and body language displayed.

Our clip below should have a suitable name. It involves two very attractive individuals that seem to be having a slight disagreement. Now, these two would-be-award-winning-actors are in fact a pair of loveable huskies that can’t come to an agreement on a certain situation in their lives. We could call their show…A Tail of two Huskies….or maybe…..The Young and the Fury……or perhaps…..Pups of our Lives. Who knows? But the fact that these two adorable-pooches are not seeing eye-to-eye is very funny indeed.

Click on the link below and see what has to be the funniest argument ever caught on camera. But be careful not to take sides, as only next week’s episode will prove who is in the wrong, once-and-for-all.