Fiercely-Talented Dancers Win Championship With “Jack And Jill” Routine

MADjam stands for ‘Mid Atlantic Dance jam,’ and is it all about swing! Their description says: MADjam is the largest West Coast Swing party in the Eastern USA. Over 1500 dancers attend annually on the first weekend in March. They host it in the Washington DC Area by Dave Moldover’s Dance Jam. The event unites dancers from all around the country to compete.

When Robert and Trendolyn step out, I can’t believe that they have paired these two performers at random! They look like they have been dancing together for years. However, the duo competed in the “Jack and Jill” finals, which are defined as, “partner dancing, where the competing couples result from a random matching of leaders and followers.”

Since it’s a Jack and Jill competition, these two performers are dancing with no rehearsed plan. They are thinking on their feet! When the song starts, they move away from each other and slowly make their way back to each other’s arms. They step with confidence and do some fantastic turns and spins.

Trendlyon does a beautiful job showing off her coordination and footwork, making it look as effortless as walking. Robert is a spectacular leader. He not only enables her to shine, but he shows how much fun he is having. His goofy facial expressions, and fun little moves, really make the crowd giggle and appreciate their chemistry. It is no wonder they dance away with the championship.