Fifteen Dogs Surround The Tiniest Girl. When You See The Control She Has Of These Loyal Pups- Whoa!

I bet you remember playing fetch with your dog. Picking up a stick or a ball and throwing it over and over until your pooch gives the “No More” signal. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your dog and give him or her exercise. Now multiply that by 15 and you’ve got what happens in this absolutely adorable video.

This girl stands, surrounded by 15 dogs. She reaches down and starts tossing sticks from the ground in the air. The pooches start leaping and snatching them while they are still airborne. Over and over this happens, with everyone involved having a grand old time. It seems like they never want it to end.

There’s an innocence for all the parties involved. This will be something that the girl remembers fondly years from now. My dog has been gone since 1998 and I still remember playing with her, tossing a ball, rubbing her belly. This is a great way to create lasting memories for both her and the person filming it.

15 dogs need a lot of stimulation. This is a great way to do it. This activity takes advantage of a wide-open and fairly isolated field. I couldn’t see this happening in a place like Central Park. Too many people would be staring. The dog runs there would be too cramped. This is where country dogs have a little bit of an edge over city dogs. That and a quiet environment.

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