They Filmed THIS Song In The Woods, But Keep A Close Eye Behind THAT Man! My Heart Stopped!

Shawn James & The Shapeshifters is a touring music band. The members, Shawn and Baker, were visiting a private wolf sanctuary in the Colorado wilderness near Fort Collins when they decided to record this video in order to spread awareness about the wolves in that area. According to their description, the sanctuary works hard to take the wolves in and provide them a safe haven. They have higher than normal medical expenses and they need the support.

In the clip, the duo performs an unforgettable rendition of the A.A. Bondy song “American Hearts.” Their cover is perfect and the snowy background of the woods is perfect as well. They are standing out in the forest, in the middle of the wolf sanctuary, but at the beginning of the video no wolves are visible.

Just a few seconds into the song, some wolves decide to drop in to hear them perform. You can see the wolves in the background, and more and more of them come to hear the duo sing, but they don’t get too close.

Shawn and Baker continue on, and thus this unreal footage was captured on camera. This is a live recording in one take. There’s more than what I have described here, but I don’t think you will believe me unless you see the video. This is proof that music is not just a language for humans.

Watch this amazing clip below! Did you enjoy this as much as the wolves did? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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