He Was Filming His Bird On Camera, But When The Bird Started Doing THIS Out Of Nowhere? ROFL!

Pets make our life a lot better. They bring us happiness and joy. And when we are feeling bored out of our minds, they lighten up the mood and keep us entertained. Whether you have a cat, or a dog, or a horse, pets really do play an integral part in any owner’s life. The video below features a man sharing a fun moment with his adorable bird, proving that humans can bond with birds just like they can with other pets.

This Amazon parrot is not only cute, but he is incredibly talented as well. You have probably seen birds imitate sounds before, and some of them can even sing and dance. But this cutie right here takes “singing” to a whole new level! One of the funniest parts is that to get him started singing, his owner coughs and clears his throat, and then the bird makes the same sounds. It hilarious! He sounds so human!

When this bird starts singing, it is difficult to tell what song he’s singing, but apparently he knows a few. His owner sings a couple of lines of a song, and then the bird takes off on his own. I think it sounds like he’s singing “Halo” by Beyonce. He actually goes on to hit some pretty impressive notes!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this little guy on a Got Talent type show. He sings better than most of us humans!

Watch this unbelievable little guy below! Did he manage to impress you? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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