He was filming seagulls, when this leaps out of the water? He can’t stop screaming… OMG!

Brad Rich was off the coast of Seward, Alaska when he witnessed something incredibly exceptional. He was planning on capturing footage of the nearby seagulls on his camera. But what he captured? You are going to have chills!

I had chills just watching this. I can’t imagine what he went through with what he experienced! This clip is worth a watch! As they say, nature knows how to surprise you in a lot of different ways! Thankfully his camera was on, and it managed to catch this rare occurrence on tape for all of us to see!

While I was watching this, I felt a little bit like I was watching a suspenseful movie. In the beginning, the video is silent except for the sounds of the seagulls flying overhead and the wind.

Like you, I knew what was going to happen but still didn’t know what to expect. I was a little nervous. I kept watching and thinking, “When’s it going to happen? How close will they be to the boat?”

He’s filming a bit far from the boat, so I thought the whales would breach about 30 or 40 feet away, but that would still be incredible to see. Oh no! They weren’t 30 feet away!

And there wasn’t just one! About five or six of these whales breach right next to the boat, and the people don’t even see or hear them until they break the surface! It’s crazy!

I can’t believe they didn’t turn the boat over! It’s not a big boat! They, of course, move the ship away from all the commotion, but not before he gets a fantastic shot of these whales breaking the surface and the seagulls going crazy.

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He was filming seagulls, when this leaps out of the water? He can’t stop screaming… OMG!