Find Out How You Can Make A Cat-Proof Christmas Tree Out Of Cardboard Boxes!

It’s a tall tree standing in the middle of the living room, with colorful balls hanging on its branches, adorned with shiny things and shimmering lights–it’s no wonder why cats can’t resist jumping on Christmas trees! The tree is just full of wonderful and eye-catching things, and it’s impossible to resist playing with it!

So here to bring you a video on how to make a cat-proof Christmas tree is the adorable duo – Cole and Marmalade!

All you need are the following things: cardboard boxes, Christmas-themed wrapping paper, tape, cat toy decorations, catnip, and TP for the tree skirt and/or additional tinsel.

Watch the video and find how to make a Christmas tree for your kitties – a tree that’s beautiful, safe, fun, and most importantly cat-proof!

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