When You Find Out Why This Cat Is Shouting At His Friend, You Are Sure To Laugh

We completely love and adore our feline friends, but they can become very unpredictable sometimes. Cats are sometimes aloof and distant and hard to read, so of course we don’t always know what they are thinking.  Our feline friends can get surprisingly weird at times, but perhaps it just seems that way because not everyone speaks ‘cat’ and can interpret what their behaviours mean. This video shows two kitties sharing one of these weird moments that we as humans may not understand.

Have you ever seen how a cat reacts when he is angry? If not, this video will surely show you that. One of these two felines seems to be really angry with the other. The way he shows his anger is absolutely hilarious though, making it very difficult to take him seriously.

The kitty was surely thrashing the other kitty for some reason unbeknownst to us. I would really have loved to know what the kitty was saying and what the other cat did to deserve such a harsh scolding. This video is enough to make me realize I never want to make a cat angry with me. If only I had the code to crack cat language to understand what he’s saying!

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