Find Out Why This Whale Would Not Leave This Man Alone. It’s Crazy and Moving…

It’s incredible to see the ways that animals communicate with humans. Whenever they are trying to tell us something, we see that we have far more in common with each other than we ever realized.

This boating crew was approached by a humpback whale. What seemed initially as a rare and fortunate sighting soon turned out to be far more than they expected. It was clear that the whale was trying to communicate  something to them. It seemed clear to the crew that the whale was in need of some kind of help.

They soon discovered that the whale had become trapped in a crab fishing net that was over a mile long. The crew was out in shark infested waters, but they quickly decided to help and spent the next five long and cold hours freeing the whale from the net with great success.

This is an incredible moment sharing the bond between humans and animals. Watch this video with friends, and be sure to watch out for the amazing way the whale expressed gratitude to the team after it was free.

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