Find Your Way Back to Bliss With This Three-Hour Mix of Healing Sounds

Let This Three-Hour Mix of Healing Sounds Ease Away Stress and Help You Focus

There’s no better way to calm the mind, relaxing the body and breath than to put on the soothing ambient sounds of beautiful relaxing piano & guitar music by Peder B. Helland. It’s the perfect accompaniment to help you calm down and reach balance.

This is the track to put on during any time that you’re going through stress or feeling anxious. Sometimes scattered focus and an inability to find a positive place is nothing but latent anxiety. Turn to this melodic mix of instruments & natural sounds to center and ground yourself.

og1 Find Your Way Back to Bliss With This Three-Hour Mix of Healing Sounds

When you’re searching for something to soothe away the noise of a mind that never stops running, this is the mix melts away all of your problems. The tracks mix seamlessly into one healing harmony that’s long enough to support you through whatever you need.

Three hours of ease helps you to gently work yourself to a state of unstoppable state of positivity thanks to the calming arrangement. It’ll be much easier to approach any issue or area that needs your attention. There’s no denying the way that the mind & body work better when relaxed.

It’s the perfect selection of instrumental music for studying. The gentle background sounds guide you away from distractions and toward anywhere that needs fixed attention. From the birds in the background to the uplifting melodies & piano progressions, everything builds focus rather than taking it away.

Whether you want sounds to set yourself on the perfect path to the peaks of productivity or even need something to coax yourself to rest just before bed, a fulfilling musical journey is guaranteed. With absolutely nothing to distract you away from bliss, you’ll keep turning back to these bright, light vibes.

Enjoy this soothing selection of instrumental piano & guitar backed by melodic sounds of nature in this three-hour and three-minute mix.

Find Your Way Back to Bliss With This Three-Hour Mix of Healing Sounds