He Finds Out His Daughter’s Being Bullied In School. What This Dad Does? I Can’t Stop Crying!

Bullying is one of the greatest and most severe issues in the world. It’s not limited to a single country, or race, or age; all types of people are affected by it. The little girl in the video below has been going suffering in silent like many others. But then her loving dad, Khari, heard about the problem. Despite being heartbroken, he came up with a brilliant solution to help her fight back the bullies.

Khari wrote an anti-bullying song called “Love Yourself” for his daughter Nia. He wanted to remind her how much she is actually loved. His song has not only been helpful for his daughter, but lots of other children who have been going through similar situation. Social media played a great part in spreading his message around. He hopes that this song helps bullied children build up their confidence and embrace who they are.

Watch this amazing anti-bullying song in the video and let us know your thoughts about this grave issue via your comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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